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Mulukhiya, also known as King's vegetable for its wealthy amount of B-Carotene
it contains, is popular in Japan for its sticky texture.

Today, I would like to introduce the most common recipe using mulukhiya.

Mulukhiya ... 100g
Dashi stock ... 100ml
Soy Sauce ... 1.5 small tbsp.
Mirin ... 2.5 small tbsp.
Bonito Flakes ... some

Processing of Mulukhiya
1. Remove stems by hands
2. Keep the upper half of stems. lower half can be disposed.
3. Cut stems into small pieces.
4. Boil the leaves and stems.
- leaves: for 20 seconds
- stems: for 60 seconds
5. Remove from boiling water and cool them down in cold water, using a net bowl.

Adding Ingredients
6. Once mulukhiya is processed, squeeze carefully with your hands to remove water.
7. Add "dashi stock", "soy sauce", and "mirin" into the mulukhiya inside batter / tray.
8. Let it spread over the tray using chopsticks.
9. Keep it in fridge for 20 to 30 minutes.
10. Get it out of the fridge. Top some bonito flakes.

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