How to make Mulukhiya Miso Soup. - Tokyo Fresh Direct

Mulukhiya's sticky texture is addicting and can be used in sticky miso soup.

This recipe would give you a great option to your daily miso soup.

Mulukhiya ... 60g
Enoki mushroom ... 1/2 pack
Miso ... 1.5 tbsp.
Dashi soup ... 800cc
-Bonito Flakes ... 5g (1 small pack)
-Boiling water 800cc
Fried tofu ... 1/2 slices
White sesame ... some

Processing of Mulukhiya
1. Wash the mulukhiya with water.
2. Remove stems by hands

2. Cut into small pieces.

Preparing Dashi Soup
3. Cut enoki into small pieces. 
4. Remove oil from fried tofu using kitchen paper.
5. Prepare boiling water and Add bonito flakes.
6. Once it slightly starts boiling, add miso, mulukhiya, enoki mushroom.
7. Let miso melt and immediately turn off the heat.
8. Top some white sesame.

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