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One of the best seasonal vegetables and fruits of autumn is Chestnut.
Chestnut will be in the market since the middle of September. and will only last for around 1 month.

The sweet chestnut can be cooked in many ways but the most familiar recipe is Chestnut Rice.

How to Enjoy the sweetness at its best:

In order to enjoy the sweet taste of chestnut, do make sure the following step first: The key is to ripe the chestnut in cold temperature to grow brix inside.



  • Mochi Rice (can be normal rice) ... 2 GOU
  • Chestnut ... 200g
  • water
  • cooking sake ... 2 tbsp.
  • Shiro Dashi ... 2 tbsp.
  • Sesame & Salt ... 1/2 small tbsp.

Preparation of chestnuts:

  1. leave chestnut in water for 30 minutes OR leave chestnut in hot water and let it cool for 30 to 60 minutes. *this makes it easier to peel off the shell.
  2. peel off every chestnut shell.
  3. peel off inner peels.
  4. as soon as peeled, leave them in water until all chestnuts are peeled off. *removes scums.

Prepare chestnut kuri 


Steps: Cooking chestnut rice.

  1.  wash mochi rice and leave in water for 30 minutes. after, dry the wet.
  2. add Shiro Dashi
  3. add Cooking Sake.
  4. put mochi rice into a rice cooker and add water til 2 gou (2合) "2" in the meter.
  5. start the rice cooker.
  6. after it's cooked, put it onto a bowl and sprinkle sesame & salt.

 Chestnut Kuri Gohan


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