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Today I would like to introduce Japanese recipe for "akashiso furikake (sprinkles)".
In another word, what to do with the leftover akashiso from juice-making.

If you are using akashiso to make akashiso juice, you will get some akashiso leftover in the making. With Japanese "mottainai" mind, we can make akashiso furikake from it. Here is how:

Akashiso leaves ... 60g
Salt ... 3g
Vinegar ... 1 small tbsp.
Extra salt ... some

1. Massage the left over shiso with 3g of salt. Once massaged, add some vinegar and keep massaging for a minute.
2. Put the shiso into a bag like ZipLock. Let it stay in the refrigerator for a night.
3. Take it out of the bag and dry it up. (Either sun-dry or use oven to remove water).
4. Use food processor aka mixer (miller) to make it into the powder form.
5. Finally add some salt.

Arrange-Recipe with Akashiso Furikake (sprinkles):
- Add some dried shirasu and sesame to make ”Chirimenjako".
- Mix it into a bowl of white rice and make "Onigiri".
- Simply top it on a bowl of white rice.
- Crush the cucumber. Add some salt and akashiso flakes. It is called "Akashiso Tataki Kyuri (crushed cucumber).

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