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1. Spaghetti ... 2 servings 
2. Oba ... some
3. Garlic ... 1/2 piece 
4. Peanut ... 10 pieces 
5. Parmesan cheese ... 2 tbsp.
6. Oba (for topping) ... 4 pieces
7. (a) Marukome Ryotei No Aji Freeze Dry Miso Powder ... 2 tbsp.
8. (a) Water ... 400cc
9. (a) Olive oil ... 2 small tbsp. 

1. Mince Oba, garlic, and peanuts. 
2. Put olive oil and garlic into the pan, heat until the aroma grows stronger, then add (a) to the pan.
3. Wait until the (a) get boiled, then put spaghetti to the pan. Turn the heat to low or middle and cook as mixing. Add water if it is not enough to boil. (Approx. 50-100cc)
4. Cook for 2 minutes shorter than the boiling time on the package instruction. Turn the heat to high, then put Oba and peanuts into the pan. Cook until all the water gets evaporated.
5. Serve on the plates, and add some Parmesan and chopped Oba on top. 

This recipe is presented by Marukome, Japan's No.1 Miso company.
The original JP recipe

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