How to make Mugen Goya Miso. - Tokyo Fresh Direct

This recipe was professionally directed by Nanako Saito, known for her "Guilt-Free Recipes".

1. Goya ... 1/2 piece
2. Canned TUna ... 1/2 can
3. Tomyo ... 20g
4. Sesame oil ... 1 small tbsp.
5. Marukome Ryotei No Aji Freeze Dry Miso Powder ... 1 small tbsp.

1. Cut Goya into half and scoop out the guts. Cut into half piece (2mm thick).
2. Put it in a bowl. Add a a grip of salt and sugar. Massage with hands. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes.
3. Wash with water and get rid of water.
4. Add tuna (without oil) and Tomyo into the bowl.
5. Add sesame oil and miso powder and let them mix well.

This recipe is presented by Marukome, Japan's No.1 Miso company in Japan.
The original JP recipe


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